A very grateful Yoga instructor & Birth Doula

Hi, I’m Oli!

A very grateful Yoga instructor & Birth Doula

I originally trained as an Actress and Circus Performer and found that all of my devised work tended to involve birth or pregnancy in some context, it was just continuously on my mind and fascinated me from a very young age, I was Birth Obsessed.

I have always been involved in helping families, either nannying or teaching children and I love their energy and approach to life. I am also a huge Yoga enthusiast and a strong believer in self development work. I ended up finding Yoga to be a more grounding and wholesome profession and changed my direction entirely, wanting to help others prepare for parenthood (still keeping my love of movement).

In 2018, I flew to India solo with my traveller's backpack keen to learn. I completed my training in Hatha & Pregnancy Yoga and from there YogiOli was born.

I started regular Pregnancy yoga classes and then took my practice further and qualified to become a children’s yoga teacher. I found having a theatrical background allowed great room for creative exploration within yoga play. Having this qualification allowed me to be able to offer services to my pregnant clients who had older children, so everyone could feel involved in the experience. Through supporting so many of my clients with different issues that cropped up through their pregnancy, it became apparent that I was doing more than just teaching yoga I was DOULAING.

In May 2020 I took my training to become a qualified Birth and Postnatal Doula because I wanted to be able to empower parents and create a safe, sound and secure environment for all, taking them on a journey of self-love.

As a Birth Worker, I am supportive, compassionate, dynamic and inclusive. I believe that every person should be born into the world with love and nurture and as a doula, I believe I provide the foundation for my clients to unlock that within themselves. I am an active advocate and member of the LGBT+ community and work with families which include parents, guardians, foster parents, children, chosen family, siblings or grandparents who identify as LGBT+.

What I love about my work today is seeing a person blossom into a parent. There is nothing more humbling and sacred than witnessing parenting with devotion; it is the highest form of bhakti yoga.

Yoga Training:

  • Hatha Yoga: Yoga Vidya Gurukul 200Hours TTC
  • Pre and Postnatal Yoga: Yoga Vidya Gurukul 100 Hours TTC
  • Children's Yoga: Wellbeing Bee’s 40Hours TTC

Birth Doula Training:

  • UK Certified Birth & Postnatal Doula / Red Tent Doulas
  • UK Certified Birth & Postnatal Doula / The Original Birth Connection