Birth Doula Training

Birth Doula Training

12 May 2020

During this uncertain time of COVID19, all of us have had to adapt In one way or another. Rather than filling my head with doubt and worry, I have been trying to maintain a strong level of productivity, alongside self-care routines.

It has been my intention that my next phase of ‘YogiOli’ would be to become a ‘Certified Birth Doula’. I know what you are thinking, how on earth is that possible whilst in lockdown?

I have had a plan for a while now of wanting to be able to provide women with a full package of nurturing support and this is the icing on the cake. Originally at the start of this year, I was accepted to do the NCT Birth Doula course and was planning on starting the degree at the academic start of 2021. I then was telephoned with the news that this course was no longer going to be running.

After researching websites, blogs, videos and having facetime conversations with course leaders, I found the course that spoke to my gut and could not be more thrilled with becoming a ‘Red Tent Doula’ family member.

Since making the decision, it just so happened that a course was starting the following week online; everything has fallen into place. I have now started my home study and online workshops via Zoom. Once the country starts to ease back into ‘normal living’ I will be able to attend face to face workshops and start preparing for my assisted births. The course leader Nicola Goodall is an incredibly inspiring woman & Birth Doula of 20+ years. I am getting so much out of the documentaries and reading list alongside support from my fellow sisters.

I have learned so much in just two weeks and feel incredibly blessed to have this gift during lockdown. Not only am I learning the mandatory components of the course, but I am also really discovering myself in the process. There is always a way to achieve a dream; it just may not be via the route you expected.