Online Pregnancy Meditations

Online Pregnancy Meditations

14 Jan 2021

Namaste Everyone and a very happy new year to you all. What a year 2020 has been, to say the least.

I wanted to start this year on a high, so I have been very busy over the last two weeks, journaling, brainstorming and recording to bring you some delicious new content.

I am aware of how uncertain, disappointing and frightening 2020 has been for the majority but especially for new parents with all the maternity restrictions chopping and changing constantly.

This community has been neglected and I have had clients who are in their third trimester and first-time parents who have not been able to meet anyone else pregnant in their local area face to face due to the pandemic.

Alongside this, with all yoga classes going online which is where most pregnant people would gain community in a face to face environment it has meant that they are becoming increasingly more isolated and unable to let go and feel held for birth.

I thought that this was the perfect time to bring out a project I have had in mind for a while but didn’t have the space to do, one perk of covid19 is that I am able to put those ideas in motion.

What is this big idea?

In my little studio in stroud, I have constructed and recorded six personalised pregnancy meditations for relaxation, letting go and preparation for birth.

Each meditation includes positive affirmation setting, a body scan, breathing techniques for relaxation and a visualisation or activity-specific for feeling ready to birth your baby.

These exercises are to help create a bond with you and baby but most importantly a bond with yourself, allowing yourself to be loved and accept all areas of who you are. Self-love is the key to all of this.

The meditation episodes can be used in any order depending on what you would like to work on that day. I would recommend keeping a pregnancy journal and writing down anything that comes up in your session.

Each pregnancy meditation is around 20 minutes long and they are quite deep so I would suggest doing it at a time where you can really focus, switch off your phone and unwind.

I have also included these in the Delux Birth Doula Package and The All in Pre & Postnatal Package. The beauty of having pre-recorded sessions is that you can use them through multiple pregnancies and whenever suits you rather than having a set time of the week.

Visualisations/Activities included

  • Episode 1: Womb Visualization
  • Episode 2: Forest Visualization
  • Episode 3: Inner Child Visualization
  • Episode 4: Positive Affirmations
  • Episode 5: Ocean Visualization
  • Episode 6: Fear Release

I have included a one-minute sneak peek of what you will be getting! You can purchase the full package here on the book now page.

January Zoom Classes

  • Pregnancy Yoga Monday 19.30-20.30 PM
  • Hatha Flow (All Levels) 19.00-20.15 PM