Food Doula

Food Doula

25 Aug 2021

Are you living in Stroud, Gloucestershire or surrounding areas and about to have a baby?

Are you feeling ready for the birth but you have no clue how to prepare for day to day living when your baby is earth side?

Sure you have piled all of their clothes, bought the pram and organised where the baby will sleep but have you taken the time to think about how you will look after YOU? What is it YOU will need in those first few weeks to feel held, supported and cared for?

Postpartum can be an overwhelming and emotional time. There are so many different emotions, hormones and life changes happening all at once and the day to day things you were once able to do become more to juggle whilst caring for a newborn.

Having beautiful homemade food ready and prepared in your freezer is providing not only nutritional nourishment but precious rest time by not having to worry about domestic responsibilities.

So this is where I come in!

I make batches of vegan organic food (and GF upon request) for you to enjoy and feel nourished back to health as you spend precious time bonding with your baby. These meals can be eaten fresh or put in the freezer to spread out over the first few weeks.

What is Included:

I offer 4 different main meal dishes, all are made with love and plant based ingredients. You will get 12 portions in total, 3 containers/jars of each dish which can be put in the freezer or eaten fresh. Alongside the bigger portions there will be 24 energy balls to enjoy for snacking throughout the day. You can also have fresh smoothies and juices included upon request for a little extra boost (These are not included in the package and would be added on as extra).

As a postnatal doula I offer tailor made packages and different offerings you can purchase on-top of food. Here is the All in postnatal package I offer on the website as an example but you can adapt it to suit your needs.

How Does it work:

You will need to be living within 10 miles of me to qualify for delivery, otherwise it will be collection only. I will cook and prepare all meals a few days before your EDD to be ready to go in the freezer. The package can be gifted by friends & family or you can purchase it as a present to yourself.

The stand alone food package is £150.00 and can be purchased here

Please get in contact before booking to check my availability.